Important Questions-Answers Abou Ben Adhem ICSE Class 10th Poems

 Abou Ben Adhem ICSE Class 10th Poems

Abou Ben Adhem ICSE Class 10th Poems Questions-Answers
Abou Ben Adhem ICSE Class 10th Poems


In Leigh Hunt’s poem Abou Ben Adhem. The poet has described the spiritual experience of Abou, a devout guy, in this poem. Abou awoke one night from a peaceful dream. He noticed an angel scribbling in a golden book. He inquired of the angel as to what he had written.

The angel replied that he was compiling a list of individuals who loved God, but Abou’s name was missing. Abou asked the angel to add his name to the list of individuals who cared about their neighbors. The angel appeared again the next night, showing Abou the names of individuals whom God had blessed. Abou was taken aback when he saw his name written on the top.




Abou Ben Adhem, who was he? What does it mean to say, “may his tribe grow”?

Ans. Abou Ben Adhem was a Sufi mystic from Balkh who lived in the eighth century. He was adored by his tribesmen, who looked up to him as their spiritual leader and forefather. They followed his teachings, which were founded on lofty goals and values like peace, mutual harmony, and service to the poor and oppressed. The phrase “may his tribe increase” is used as a parenthesis to express a wish for the advancement of those who accepted his teachings and followed the path he paved.

In Abou Ben Adhem, why is the moonlit room described as a lily in bloom?

Answer: The analogy of Abou Ben Adhem’s apartment to a lily in blossom in the moonlight and in the presence of the angel is meaningful. Abou’s cell was literally flooded with moonlight, making it silvery bright and beautiful like a white blooming lily. The angel’s presence had changed the atmosphere in the room.

What caused Abou to wake up? What exactly did he see? What do the words ‘peace dream’ and ‘wealthy’ imply?

Answer: A brilliant light jolted Abou awake from his slumber. He noticed the moonlight shining brightly in the room as if it were the presence of an angel. The phrase “dream of peace” conjures up images of a pleasant dream, one that soothes the mind. The adjective ‘rich’ implies that the moonlight improved the ambiance of the night.

What did Abou Ben Adhem get a glimpse of?

Ans. Abou Ben Adhem was suddenly awoken one night while engrossed in a peaceful dream. He noticed that his chamber was bathed with moonlight. He also noticed that an angel was sitting in the dazzling light. In the gold book, the angel was scribbling something.

.In Abou Ben Adhem, describe the angel.

Answer: An angel, as portrayed by the poet, is a celestial messenger. The angel’s presence fills the room with golden light, and its face has an unrivaled sweetness. It appears to have been sent by God to put Abou Ben Adhem’s patience to the test.

explain the relevance of the poem’s “golden book.”

Answer: The term “book of gold” refers to a divine book of records that contains the names of all those who adore God. Its importance stems from the fact that it maintains a list of only those who love God with a pure heart and dedication. When the angel informs Abou Ben Adhem that his name does not appear on the list of persons who love God, he is unconcerned. He is convinced that those who love their fellow man or humanity are likewise recorded in the book of gold. This suggests that the book of gold isn’t simply a list of people who love God, but rather a list of those who love and pursue the highest principles that lead to God’s path.

What was the angel’s reaction to Abou? What effect did the angel’s appearance have? What exactly is this “vision” that you’re referring to?

Answer: The angel had a sympathetic expression on his face as he glanced at Abou. The angel’s expression was peaceful and comforting. His face exuded a calmness that drew others in. The vision is the name given to Angel or Abou’s supernatural vision.

Describe the following: ‘Abou spoke in a lower tone, but he was still cheerful.’

When the angel told Abou that his name was not on the list, he lowered his tone and felt a little sorry. But, thanks to his nobility and good nature, he was able to preserve his composure.

What was Abou Ben Adhem’s question to the angel? What did the angel have to say?

Ans; Adhem inquired about the angel’s writing in the book. The angel said that she was writing the names of those who love God on a scroll.


What did the angel do when Abou urged him to add him to the list of mankind’s lovers? Why did Abou seem unconcerned with the angel’s disappearance?

When Abou asked the angel to add his name to the list of human lovers, the angel remained silent for a brief period before writing something in the celestial book and disappearing. Because he was a pious and noble spirit, Abou was completely unconcerned when the angel vanished without leaving any trace. He had no need to be terrified of anything because he had never done anything wrong in his life.


What did Adhem ask for?

Ans. Adhem was disappointed to see that his name did not appear on the list of persons who adored God. He didn’t give up hope and asked the angel to add his name to the list of individuals who cared about their fellow humans. He did so because he wants to attain the Almighty and knew that his actions would aid him in this endeavor.

what occurred the next night?

Answer: The angel reappeared in Ben’s chamber the next night with white light, revealing the names of those whom God had blessed. Ben was taken aback when he saw his name at the top of the list

Explain what you mean by “a huge waking light.” What kind of prize has Abou Ben Adhem received?

Answer: The dazzling light capable of reawakening the world is referred to in the preceding line. Abou Ben Adhem’s name has been added to the list of persons who have been blessed by God. Ben Adhem has accomplished a great deal by being included on that list.

How many lists did the angel bring? What were they made out of?

Ans. On two occasions, the angel brought two lists to Abou Ben Adhem. The names of persons who loved God were on the first list, while those who were loved by God were on the second. Abou Ben Adhem’s name was not on the first list, but he was first on the second list owing to his passion for mankind. Although both lists were honorable, being loved by God is a bigger honor than loving God

What was the significance of Abou’s name being at the top of the list?

Because God likes people who love their fellow man, Abou’s name was at the top of the list. This is because God adores all of His creatures. God loves man the greatest out of all his creatures. God loves anyone who loves God’s creatures, especially man.

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