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 SUMMARY ANALYSIS OF germ 158107 640The Stolen Bacillus

by Herbert George Wells

“The Stolen Bacillus” by H.G. Wells is a humorous collection of short stories concerning science and scientists’ potential participation in assisting bio-terrorism. This is accomplished by having a brilliant bacteriologist who is unaware of the effects of his work. I often believe that certain scientists are so preoccupied with determining whether or not they can accomplish something that they neglect to examine whether or not they should. With the bacteriologist in the story, Wells is making precisely that argument. When it comes to his specialty, the character is clearly intelligent. He is competent in working with these terrible biologicals, and he understands how quickly they may wipe out a population, but he does not believe that someone will actually do it. He has no idea what motivates someone like the anarchist.

                             The anarchist flees after stealing a vial of bacteria. The bacteriologist pursues the individual. His wife is horrified by his appearance and chases him down, carrying his shoes, coat, and hat. The scientist lets the anarchist go once he breaks the bacteria and ingests it.


The microbe, it turns out, isn’t a population killer. The bacteriologist merely pursued since he didn’t want to have to start all over again with his work. Wells makes an excellent job of showing the bacteriologist as an absent-minded professor in the final few pages, which emphasizes the story’s satire. He is completely oblivious to the fact that he is dressed inappropriately. The “hassle and expense of producing a little more” bacteria bothers him. He is unconcerned about the potential that the anarchist may have contracted a terrible sickness. Wells has his reader ponder the possibility that there are scientists on a variety of lethal concoctions all over the place, with little regard for safety or the potential implications of their work.


  • What made the pale-faced man refer to the anarchists as “fools”?

Ans. The pale-faced man mocked the anarchists, believing that if bottled cholera, when discharged into a source of drinking water, causes awful mortality and can ruin a city, why do they utilize bombs that are difficult to plant and have a risk of being discovered?


  • .What makes the visitor refer to the anarchists as “fools”?

Ans: It’s because they utilize bombs when there are deadly disease germs capable of causing widespread damage

  • Why did the pale-faced man get into the Bacteriologist’s office and lab?

The “pale-faced man” in “The Stolen Bacillus” is an anarchist who uses trickery to gain entry to the Bacteriologist’s laboratory. He accomplishes this by faking an “introductory letter” purporting to come from the Bacteriologist’s “old acquaintance.”


  • How did the bacteria-containing tube break? What was the man’s plan for the tube’s contents before it exploded?

Ans. When his palm impacted the cab door in the moving cab, he accidentally shattered the tube containing the germs. The man intended to poison London’s water supply and destroy the city.


  • What did the Bacteriologist tell his wife about the stolen tube’s contents? What did he consider to be a “bother”?

Ans. The bacteriologist disclosed to his wife that the tube stolen by the anarchist contained a weird new strain of bacteria that can produce blue patches or turn animals blue, rather than cholera. He was bothered by the fact that he would have to go through all the work and expense of re-preparing it.

  • How did he inform his visitor about the possibility of bottled cholera?

Ans. The bacteriologist informed his visitor that if bottled cholera is let into the water system, it will spread and multiply, causing a strange, untraceable, painful, and awful death.

  • What did the man want to be certain of? What was he planning to do?

Ans. All he had to do was double-check the water supply and break the small tubing in the reservoir. He meant to poison London’s water and destroy the city.

  • What made the Bacteriologist laugh at the anarchist’s antics?

Ans. The bacteriologist was amused by the anarchist’s actions because the stolen tube contained a strange new bacteria that he had been researching. If swallowed, it can only produce blue patches or make the species blue.

 very short questions OF  The Stolen Bacillus

  • How did the anarchist get inside the bacteriologist’s lab?

    Ans: He came into the lab with a letter of introduction from an old acquaintance.

  • .What prompted the man to consume the Bacillus drops?

    Ans: To ensure that he would be successful in his mission.

  • What was the anarchist’s motivation for the bacteriologist to pursue him?

    Ans: He didn’t want to go through the hassle of growing more germs for the new experiment.

  • What was Minnie’s motivation for following her husband?

    ANS; He had overlooked his hat and shoes because it was a scorching day.

  • What are other cab drivers’ reactions?

    ANS; They spoke it as if it were a race.

  • What did the pale man perceive when he looked into the microscope?

    Ans: He noticed the pink streaks and shards.

  • Describe what an anarchist is.

    Ans: The anarchist had straggly black hair, profound grey eyes, and a weary, worried countenance.

  •  What does it mean when someone says “pestilence imprisoned”?

    Ans: It suggests the sealed bottle contains cholera-causing live germs

  • What happened to the bacteriologist after he left?

    ANS; He went out without a cap and in his carpet slippers.

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