CLASS 7-Tippity the flying squirrel -QUETIONS ANSWER

Tippity the flying squirrel



QUESTION-ANSWER CLASS 7-Tippity the flying squirrel
Tippity the flying squirrel

In your own words, describe Tippity.

Ans; Tippity is a two-foot-long flying squirrel with chestnut red fur and a two-foot tail. She was housed in a small box with two compartments, one of which served as his bedroom and the other as his sitting area. Don, a field spaniel dog, and Brook, a large-sized Tibetan sheepdog, were two of her best buddies.

Give a description of Tippitty’s tiny home in Tippity the flying squirrel


Ans. She resided in a little box with two partitions: the inner one, her bedroom, was furnished with a feather and cotton wool nest, and a tiny door led from it into the larger sitting room, where she also dined.

  • What would she do if she became fatigued on her afternoon strolls?

Ans. She would make for the writer’s leg and be upon his shoulder when she felt tired during the afternoon walks, or if Brock or Don happened to be there, she would hop on to one of their backs and receive a free ride.

After sunset, what does she usually do? What was the impact of a delicious meal Tippity , the flying squirrel

Ans. Here the writer paints a picture of Tipitty’s behavior as a nocturnal creature. Tippitty was a nocturnal cat who, if left to her own devices, would wake up just after sunset. If she didn’t get a delicious dinner, she’d be ready to stay up all night playing games and looking for random things to eat. Her sleepiness was exacerbated by a satisfying dinner.

Tippitty, the flying squirrel would occasionally sneeze and splutter when drinking milk, so what was the deal?

Ans. Tippitty was just too ladylike to get worked up about her milk. Tippitty sneezed and splutter because she was typically in a hurry for it, and as a result, more of her face went into the saucer than nature intended, resulting in a certain amount of liquid going up to her nose and making Tippitty sneeze and sputter.

Why was it in the writer’s best interests to feed Tippitty , the flying squirrel ?

Ans. Tippitty would invariably overeat, which meant sleeping solidly until the early hours of the morning, thus it was in the writer’s best interest to give her a hearty dinner. In this manner, the writer will be able to obtain a decent night’s sleep as well.

What was Tippity ,the flying squirrel toilet ?

Ans. Tippitty was quite picky about how she went to the bathroom. She would sit up straight and gently work both of her small hands. She’d start at the point of her nose and work her way down the length of her face and head. Her last, but far from least, concern would be the tail. Her toilet was her first work after getting up in the morning.

With Tippitty’s help, the writer disproved which theory?

Ans. The Himalayan nutcracker (Nucifraga hemispila) was once credited for the holes seen in walnuts throughout the Himalayas. With the help of Tippitty, the author has disproved this notion and proved that Tipitty is more efficient to make or crack in walnuts than the Nucifraga hemispila .

Name five things that are included in Tippitty’s diet.

Ans. Walnut, milk, Puddings, stewed fruit, and custard are included in Tipptty’s diet.


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