affirmative to negative transformation



A positive statement merely states a fact. Any affirmative statement qualifies. An affirmative phrase expresses the truthfulness of a claim.

Only he can do this
None but
None but he can do this
Only [things
only iron is needed to make such a tools
Nothing but
nothing but iron is needed to make such a tools
As soon as
As soon as she saw me, she fled
No sooner had
No sooner had she seen me than she fled
Both.......... and
Both Raja and Rima are good
Not only ............but also
Not only Raja but also Rima is good
you must help me
can not but/ can not help
you can not but help me
you can not help helping me
Every +body/one/man
Everyone feels happy in our country
There is no +{ the word after every}+but
There is no one but feels happy in our country
He was always happy
never + opposite word
He was never unhappy { opposite of happy ]
He is too happy to do this
place "so " in place of" too"+ ADJ+that +ub +can/could + not + verb 1st
he is so happy that he can not do this
Sub + auxiliary verb + always + verb/ adj/ adv + rs

He was always happy in his work
Sub + auxiliary verb + never + opposite verb/ adj/ adv + rs
He was never unhappy in his work
Subj+ verb + as + adj/ pd + as + noun/ ponoun
Ram is as strong as Shekhar
Subject + auxiliary verb + not + adj/cd + than + noun/ pronoun.

Shekhar is not stronger than Ram


1 Alexander was the greatest of the Greek emperors.

2.A lion is stronger than an elephant.

3. Shahil is the cleverest boy in the locality.

4. Everybody was absent.

5. He failed to win the match.

6. As soon as she came, he started crying.

7.As soon as we heard the noise, we rushed to the roads.

8. Only she can buy such jewelry.

9. I will always recall her.

10. Everyone makes a fault.

11.Only science can solve this.

12.Sima is only four.

13.No sooner had she seen the teacher than she opened the book.


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