Adverbial clause with Table

What is an adverbial clause?

A dependent clause that acts as an adverb is known as an adverbial clause. The sentence as a whole modifies a verb, an adjective, or another adverb. Subordinating conjunction—also known as a trigger word—begins an adverbial sentence.

Adverbial clause with Table

Adverbial clauselinkerExample
Time (সময়)When (যখন)Raju was reading.His father entered home then.
Ans:When Raju was reading, his father entered.
place( স্থান)Where (যেখানে)He goes there.He makes friend.
Ans:He makes friend where he goes.
Contrastবৈপরিত্ত)Although/Though (যদিও)Raju is sick. He attends class.
Ans :Although Raju is sick, he attends class.
Reason/ cause ( ফল /কারন)Because/As/Since
Raju was sick.He did not attend school.
Ans:Raju did not attend school as he was sick.
2)As Raju was sick, he did not attend school.
3)Raju did not attend school since he was sick.
purpose (ঊদ্দেশ্য)
That,so that(যাতে)we read. we may learn.
Ans: We read so that we may learn.
2)We read that we lwearn.
Result/Effect(ফলে)so...thatHe is very sick.He could not attend school.
Ans:He is so sick that he could not attend school.
Condition (শর্ত)If/ unless (যদি/যদিনা)you read carefully. You will not fail.
Ans: If you read carefully, You will not fail.
2)If you don't read carefully,you will fail.
3) Unless you read carefully, you will fail.
comparisonthan, is stron.Lion is stringer.
Ans: Lion is stronger than tiger.
Tiger is not as strong as lion.

1.Adverbial clause of time -Here the subordinate clause act as time. Here, When, whence and whenever denotes time and the sub-clause begins with the linker.

I was reading a book when my father came. In the sentence, the sub-clause “when my father came “denotes the time of reading the book.

2.Adverbial clause of place

Here the subordinate clause denotes a place. In this case” where he goes ” is the subclause that shows the action of the principal clause “He makes friend”.

3.Adverbial  clause of contrast

The adverbial clause of contrast shows the contrast between two sentences. A sentence -He is sick. He attended school.

A sick person can’t attend school, so the sentences are opposite to each other. So the linkers linkers-Although and though are used to join these sentences.

4.Adverbial clause of Reason /cause

Here we follow the cause =effect picture. You find there two sentences, one sentence is causing, and the other is the cause’s effect. The linkers like As/because/since are used here to join the two sentences.

For example, He is sick. He can’t play.

He is sick in the cause-bearing sentence while in the other sentence he can’t play bears result.

5.Adverbial  clause of purpose

Here the subordinate clause shows the purpose. Here I will explain with an example. We eat so that we live. In the sentence, the purpose “we live ” has been shown by the verb “eat”.

6..Adverbial  clause of Result /Effect

Here the subordinate clause denotes the result of an action. The linkers used here are” so….that”.You don’t put “so… that ” side by side here. To clear  the idea, let’s take an example

He is very happy. He distributes sweets.

We may join the sentence, thus -He is so happy that he distributes sweets.

look at the sentence structure, the linker so and that places no side by side, but they are used to show the result of an action.

7.Adverbial  clause of Comparison 

Here a comparison is made between two nouns or phrases by using the linker like than, as… as. Positive and comparative degrees are used to join the sentences.

Take an example to clarify the idea.

A lion is stronger than a tiger.

This line shows the linker “than ” is used to join the sentences.

if we make it a positive degree, it will be–Tiger is not as strong as a lion.

8.Adverbial clause of Condition 

Here the sub-clause denotes condition.

If you read, you will pass.

Here the condition of reading depends on the action of pass. It is clear that if you don’t read, you may fail. The linkers used in the clause are unless and if. Unless means if not or if you don’t.

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