question and answer THE BEES IN THE BACKYARD

question and answer THE  BEES IN THE BACKYARD

bees in thhe backyard

What was the author’s favorite bird to see from his balcony? 

Sunbirds, tailor birds, magpie robins, koels, sparrows, crows, rose-ringed parakeets, and pigeons occupied the author’s time.

 What does the author have to say about Apis mellifera and bees? 

Ans: The author likes the sound of insect wings since it was relaxing to him. It’s a soothing sound. While sitting in the garden on Sunday, the author heard the buzz of bees and followed several Apis mellifera individuals as they went about their business. They were sisters carrying food supplies for the hive, and the author estimated that they were about three weeks old. They used their proboscis to sucking honey, but they also managed to capture pollen, which they carried back to the hive in bristly “baskets” on their rear legs.

  “nature has a lot to teach us”- EXPLAIN THE LINE AFTER VTHE AUTHOR  

According to the author, we may learn a lot from nature. We know relatively little about the natural history of honeybees in the wild, for example, despite the fact that we tamed them for honey .He explains. The author goes on to say that we should learn social development skills from them, as well as their tactics for surviving the most difficult situations, their spirit of community service, and their dancing communication skills. 

DESCRIBE EXPERIENCE OF the author at Jaldarshan Garden 

Ans: The author describes his visit to the Jaldomarshan garden in wonderful detail. At dawn and night, a competition between a veritable army of pipistrelles and swifts would begin, dive-bombing airspace over the author’s garden, devouring insects that had grown fat on the abundant Malabar Hills. Fruit bats would also come to visit after the atmosphere had darkened and most human occupants were focused in their television screens, feasting on thousands of figs and “false badam” fruit. A family of barn owls raised their family in a lovely little nook twenty meters up in our cliff wall every few years.

Is the author happy about people being glued to their television? Justify

Ans ;We human beings are not  aware of the mysteries of nature and know very little but modern people spend their time watching TV and television so they are ignorant of everything of the beautiful  world.So,  the author is not happy about this.

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