Nobel lecture by Mother Teresa class 11 questions and answers

nobel lecture



Describe Mother Teresa’s experience in an old age home in your own words

Ans    Mother Teresa had had the opportunity to visit a nursing home for the elderly. She came across a slew of elderly parents who didn’t have a grin on their faces. They were all staring at the door. Mother was taken aback and inquired about the situation with the sibling. Sister responded that they were looking forward to the arrival of their own sons and daughters. They hoped that a son or daughter would pay them a visit. But they were, however, utterly forgotten in actuality. They were in excruciating pain. They’d never be able to return to their family’s normal routine.

According to Mother Teresa, the elderly people in old age homes live in misery despite having all of the amenities, and they struggle with the reality that they have been forgotten by their sons and daughters who cannot find time to visit them. These people rarely laugh and spend their time waiting for their sons and daughters at the entrance. This is in stark contrast to the unhappy and dying residents of Mother’s Homes, who never fail to smile because they know they are loved and cared for. Despite the fact that they do not have any relatives nearby, they feel at ease.


2.What does Mother Teresa have to say about the world’s greatest peacebreaker? How successful has she been in combating this?

Answer:-Abortion, according to the Mother, is the greatest destroyer of world peace since it involves the direct killing of an undesired unborn child by the mother’s decision. It’s tantamount to going against God’s will, who made the kid wanted despite the mother’s opposition. Where else in society can one find serenity if not in the lap of the mother?

Mother Teresa and her organization have had great success in the fight against abortion by teaching natural family planning to the poor and disadvantaged. In order to make unwanted children wanted, she persuaded moms to have babies and give them to her so that she could make the infant feel wanted in a childless couple’s family.

WHAT DID MOTHER, In her lecture, Mother Teresa tell about neighborly kindness?

Answer:      In her Nobel lecture, Mother Teresa recounts how a gentleman once told her of a destitute Hindu family with eight children and asked her to help them. Mother delivered rice to the family and saw the children’s faces lit up with hunger. The Hindu mother distributed food to her children before leaving with a bag of rice. When Mother Teresa inquired about her whereabouts, the mother of eight children replied that she had gone to deliver some rice to a Muslim family that had also been starving for some time. This act of neighborly kindness impacted Mother Teresa greatly. As a result, she advises everyone to love their neighbor before loving God.

     What message did Mother Teresa intend to send with the event of a Hindu family sharing rice with a Muslim household?

Ans: Mother Teresa grew up in a Hindu family that was impoverished. Mother once went there with some rice to feed the eight hungry children in the family. When they saw the rice, it brightened their eyes.

The children’s mother did something unusual. She snatched the rice from Mother’s clutches. After that, she divided it into two parts and left. She distributed one portion of the rice to a Muslim family. That family was in the same predicament. Mother was perplexed by her behavior. She was sorry she hadn’t brought enough rice for two hungry families.

She did, however, learn a valuable lesson about joy and love. Even among the poorest of the poor, that was the lesson of joy in sharing. Those poor folks were able to share rice with joy in their hearts because of the spirit of love.

The poor are a great group of people.”   explains how Mother Teresa came to this conclusion.

Answer: Mother Teresa considers the impoverished to be great people. She tries to substantiate this notion by recounting her own encounters with them.

Her sisters picked up four people from the street one evening. One of them was in extremely bad shape. She urged them to look after the other three, and she chose to look after the fourth, who was also in a terrible condition. She went above and above. Finally, with a beautiful grin on her face, she grabbed her hand in hers and whispered, “Thank you,” before passing away.

The mother was extremely moved by her daughter’s willingness to die without complaining about her hunger, pain, or suffering. She died with a smile on her face, just like the man scooped up from the drain by Mother and her workers, half-devoured by worms, and brought to the house. The man-made a magnificent remark, saying that he had lived on the streets like an animal, but that he was going to die like an angel, loved and cared for. It was incredible to witness the greatness of a man who could speak in such a manner, without condemning, cursing, or comparing anything.

Mother claims that both the dying woman and the dying man demonstrated greatness before accepting death. These poor men are just amazing.

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