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child labor in India- CAUSE AND SOLUTION


Child labor is commonly used around the world, depriving children of their youth, education, and other opportunities for development. It is the term used to describe the employment of children in a variety of industries around the world. Mining, manufacturing, farming, and other unorganized businesses are all included. Children are frequently employed in these fields because they are underpaid and simple to handle. Children are compelled to work in hazardous settings in order to boost their families’ income.


They work under a contract between their employer and their parents, which is either verbal or written. It is sometimes to repay a debt owed to the employer by their relatives. Child labor is increasingly prevalent in developing and developing countries. Poverty is the primary driving force behind child labor since children are coerced into it by their own families in order to meet their daily needs for food and other essentials.

causes of child labor


  • Child labor is mostly caused by rising levels of unemployment and poverty.
  • The growing rich-poor divide, combined with the privatization of the organization, has resulted in the concentration of wealth in the hands of a small number of is another cause of child labor.
  • Small children are often forced to work in order to earn two meals every day.
  • For the same labor, employers pay minors less than adults.
  • Children are frequently forced to work in exchange for non-monetary rewards such as rice or wheat.
    This is owing to hunger’s ruthless character.

solution of child labor

  • It is vital to raise public awareness about the presence and consequences of child labor. Once people are aware of the issues surrounding child labor, they can be persuaded to boycott any store or establishment that employs minors.
  • Education should be a top concern for any country. alleviation, the elimination of child trafficking, and compulsory and free education and training can all contribute to reducing child labor
  • To counteract child labor, it is also necessary to create job options. The necessity to put children to work is decreased if an adult can make enough money for the household.
  • Population management strategies are also required to guarantee that family sizes are reduced.
  • To ensure that factory owners do not attempt to engage young laborers, effective and strong enforcement of legislation is required. Strict enforcement of labor rules is also a must in order to prevent corporate misbehavior.
  • The fourteen-year-old age limit should be raised to something like eighteen.

Many nations, like India, have stringent rules against child labor, and if a person or organization is proven to be involved in child labor, they can face jail and a fine. Despite all of the regulations, there is still a need to enforce them if we wish to eliminate child labor.


Just then we will be able to put an end to the ongoing harassment of our children and assist them in achieving a bright future, not only for themselves but also for the country as a whole.
Children should be encouraged to stand up for themselves and refuse to work as children

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