1)What was Aegeon’s name? What route did he take to go to Ephesus? When he was taken before the Duke, what happened?

Aegeon was a well-known Syracuse businessman.
terrible storm developed as Aegeon, his wife, twin boys, and twin slaves were traveling home from Epidamnum. His wife, elder son, and slave were divided from him in the shipwreck and perished. Antipholus, his younger son, was eighteen years old when he decided to look for his mother and brother. Aegeon finally agreed to let them look for them after much deliberation. However, Antipholus and Dromio had not returned after seven years. So, in order to locate his son, Aegeon traveled the globe and eventually arrived in Ephesus.

When Aegeon was taken before the Duke, he was told that he had to relate his life story. Hearing the narrative, the Duke was extremely affected. He felt sorry for Aegeon and granted him another day to pay the ransom.

2)Why was Antipholus the Elder refused admission to his own home? _THE COMEDY OF ERRORS

Ans. While Younger Antipholus was eating supper with his brother’s wife, his elder brother, Adriana’s true husband, returned home. However, he was denied access into his own home because Adriana had instructed the maids not to let any strangers in. The servants within the home scoffed at Elder Antipholus as he repeatedly pounded on the door and announced they were Antipholus and Dromio. The servants informed them that Antipholus and Dromio had already arrived and were eating dinner. Due to two sets of identical twin brothers, this blunder occurred.

3)What was the rule in Ephesus at the time? When Aegeon became a victim of the law, what did the Duke speak to him?

Ans. The law in Ephesus was that if a trader from Syracuse was caught in the city, he would be put to death unless he paid a ransom of a thousand marks.
When Aegeon was arrested, the Duke demanded that he describe his life biography and the reason for his visit to Ephesus. The Duke was affected after hearing the terrible story. He pities Aegeon, but he couldn’t change the law. Instead of immediately imprisoning him, he offered him one extra day to pay the fine.

4 }Adriana wondered why she thought her husband had gone insane.-THE COMEDY OF ERRORS

When the money did not arrive at Antipholus of Ephesus’ residence, he went to his house with the jailor to collect it. Antipholus of Ephesus chastised Adriana for refusing to let him into his own home. He had insisted at lunchtime that he was not her husband and that he had never been in Ephesus before that day, she remembered. She began to question him, believing that he had gone insane.


5) How did Aegeon track down all of his relatives?-THE COMEDY OF ERRORS


Aegeon landed at Ephesus in pursuit of his younger son, who had gone on a seven-year search for his mother and brother. He was apprehended and brought to the Duke’s attention. When he learned about the state’s harsh laws there, he had no choice but to accept the death penalty because of  his lacking the financial means to pay the ransom for his life. He was taken to the execution site, which was near a convent, the next day. There, he met his identical twin boys and slaves for the first time. Because the twin brothers’ appearances are so identical, many misunderstandings and inaccuracies have arisen. Finally, Aegeon discovered his entire family. The convent’s abbess was none other than his long-lost wife, who revealed his true name.

6 }Why were both the goldsmith and Antipholus of Ephesus imprisoned?- THE COMEDY OF ERRORS

Antipholus of Syracuse was mistaken for Antipholus of Ephesus by the jeweler, who gave him a chain. The goldsmith was arrested a short time later because he owed money to someone. Antipholus of Ephesus happened to be passing by at the time. When Antipholus saw the goldsmith, he demanded payment for the gold chain he had given him. Antipholus said he had not received the chain. They argued about it for a long time, until the jailor finally imprisoned both Antipholus of Ephesus and the goldsmith.

7 }                Why was Adriana so enraged? What was the outcome of her rage? What did she do in the end to avenge her husband?

Ans. Elder Dromio, who went to retrieve Antipholus of Ephesus after being battered by Antipholus of Syracuse, reported his misdeeds that her husband was reluctant to come to supper. He went on to say that her spouse informed him he didn’t have a wife at all. Adriana was enraged when she heard this. Adriana arrived at the inn where Antipholus of Syracuse was speaking with his slave Dromio, driven by rage. Antipholus the younger was addressed as her husband, and he was severely reprimanded. Adriana even revealed to him that he was in love with someone. They had been waiting for him to dine with them, so she insisted on him coming to her house for supper.

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