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  • 1.What is meant mean by “poetry of earth”?

The phrase “poetry of earth” refers to the earth’s music.

  • 2.What type of poem it is?

The Poetry of Earth is a sonnet, and it is a Petrarchan sonnet.

3.What was the poem’s original title, “The Poetry of Earth”?

Ans: – The original title of the poem is “On the Grasshopper and Cricket”

4.What does the word “poetry” mean in the poem “The Poetry of Earth”?

Ans: – The word “poetry” refers to music in the poem “The Poetry of Earth.”

5Why do birds seek refuge in a shady tree?

Ans: – Tired of the summer heat, the birds seek refuge in the cooling tree.

6. In terms of ‘summer luxury,’ who takes the lead?

In terms of ‘summer luxury,’ the Grasshopper takes the lead.

7 . What seasons are represented by the grasshopper and the cricket?

Ans: – In John Keats’ poem “The Poetry of Earth,” the grasshopper represents summer and the cricket represents winter.

8. When was the last time the cold caused a hush?

Ans: The frost has brought silence to a lonely winter evening.

9. What exactly do you mean when you say “new-mown mead”?

The expression “new-mown mead” refers to a freshly cut meadow.

10. In the summer, where does the grasshopper take a break?

In the summer, the Grasshopper relaxes beneath a niceWEEDS.

11. In the winter, which insect conveys the song?

In the winter, the song is carried by the cricket.

12.Cricket is associated with which season?

Winter is symbolized by cricket.

13. In “The Poetry of Earth,” which seasons are depicted?

Summer and winter are the seasons depicted in “The Poetry of Earth.”

14. What does the Cricket’s song sound like to someone who is half-drowsy?

Ans: – To a half-drowsy guy, the cricket’s singing sounds like the grasshopper’s song amidst some grassy hills.


15. On a cold winter evening, where does the Cricket shrill?

The Cricket makes a piercing sound from the fireplace on a lone winter evening.

16. What comes before the grasshopper’s song?

The grasshopper’s song comes after the birds’ song.
17. What is the meaning of the winter season?

The winter season is associated with illness, sadness, and pain in life.

18. What is the meaning of the winter season?

The winter season is associated with illness, sadness, and pain in life.

19. Explain the phrase “warmth is increasing at an ever-growing rate.”

The cricket’s loud cry breaks the winter calm and brings warmth to the chilly weather, thus continuing the earth’s music.

20. Explain the term “summer luxury.”

He revels in the richness of summer and soars from hedge to hedge, its never-ending symphony carrying the warmth of the season.

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