Questions & Answers A Merry Christmas icse 7

Questions & Answers A Merry Christmas


(1) Whose “heads” and “faces” are being discussed?

Answer: The heads and faces of the girls are being discussed.

(2) Why had the rooms remained silent?

The rooms remained silent until all of the girls began reading the books.

(3) Which pages were turned softly? Where did they come from?
Answer: The pages of the books that the girls received as a Christmas present from their mother were softly turned.

4. When the poor woman saw the children, how did she react?
When she saw the children, the poor woman’s big eyes widened and her blue lips grinned. She burst out laughing.

“Ach, my God!” It is the good angels who have come to us! ”
(a) Who made this statement?

This was said by the poor woman.

(b) What was the speaker’s motivation for saying this?

Answer: When the girls arrived at the poor woman’s house and offered her food, her blue lips smiled and she compared the girls to angels.

6.Mrs. March received several gifts from the ladies, but which one was the best?

Answer: Despite the fact that all of the girls were unusually hungry, they gave the poor family all of their food without hesitation. The best present they could give their mother was this.

7.What is Beth’s Christmas present to Marmee?

Beth gives her mother, whom Beth and her sisters refer to as “Marmee,” handkerchiefs on which Beth has embroidered “Mother,” rather than “M. March” or “M.M.,” since Beth’s sister Meg has the same initials as Marmee, and Beth wanted only Marmee to use them.

8.What did Amy get for her mother for the holidays?
Explanation: Meg chose to give Mrs. March a pair of gloves, Jo chose Army shoes for her, Beth chose a hemmed handkerchief, and Amy chose to give her a small bottle of cologne.

9.On Christmas morning, where did Marmee go?
Marmee has gone to assist some of her poorer friends. She went to church as well.

10.’Ithoughtyou’ddoit,saidMrsMarch, smiling as if satisfied.Youshallallgoandhelpme,and
when we come back we will have bread and milk for breakfast and make its dinner time…’


Ans; a]Mrs. March I the mother of the daughter . he mile with satisfaction because all the girls agreed to go to help the poor family with their own food.

B]]Mrs. March said this to her daughters

C] They are going to help poor women and their children who are suffering from hunger and cold.

d] Here the writer depicts a pathetic picture of the poor family. The visitors finds a worn-out room with a broken window,where a sick mother painfully resides with a wailing baby and a group of pale, hungry children cuddled under one old quilt

Questions and Answers from Night Voice – icse class 8

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