1.Can you tell me where the kids are? What are they doing in that location?

The youngsters are on Venus, a planet where the sun only shines for two hours every seven years. The storey begins on the day that the sun is expected to rise once more.

Margot and the other students at her Venusian school are nine years old. They arrived on Venus five years ago from Earth.

2.What’s the weather like on Venus? How long has it been like this?

The climate on Venus is somewhat unusual. The sun only shines for two hours every seven years. It rains the rest of the time—all day. Thick jungles and uncontrolled plants cover the Earth, which is eternally stuck in a cycle of growth and destruction. For the past seven years, nothing has changed. Every seven years, the sun shines for only two hours.

3.What made the kids so excited?

After seven years, the youngsters were overjoyed to see the sun. The sun’s presence brings out the worst in the children. They are ecstatic since the sun only appears every seven years. Except for Margot, no one recalls the sun. To deal with Margot’s condition, they’ve resorted to bullying.

4.What was the purpose of the rocket men and women’s visit to Venus?

Answer: The astronauts had arrived on Venus’s rainy world to establish a society and live out their lives.

5.How come the other kids can’t remember the sun?

Answer: The other children were unable to recall the sun because, if there had been a day seven years ago when the sun shined for a brief while, they would have been only two years old at the time.

5.What did the students read all day in class?

Answer: They had spent the entire day in class learning about the sun. About how it looked like a lemon and how hot the sun was. Small stories, essays, and poetry on the sun had also been penned by the children.

6.In the storey “All Summer in a Day,” what is the conflict between Margot and the other children?

Margot is a nine-year-old girl. She attends a school on the planet Venus as a student. Unlike the majority of the children, she is a new arrival from the earth. The sun, it appears, shines every day on Earth. Margot misses the Sun terribly on Venus. She wishes to return to Earth.

She also has a strained relationship with the other children.  Margot’s classmates tease her because they admire her knowledge of and recall for the sun. Margot’s worst crime, according to the other kids, is that she remembers a lot about the sun. Her descriptions of the sun irritate them. On the day that the sun shines for an hour on Venus, one boy began to yell at Margot. Others join in the fun and tease her. They shove Margot into a closet and shut the door behind her.

The children release Margot after the sun sets and the rain resumes. These are the confrontations in the storey between Margot and the other children.

7. How did the kids respond when the sun shone for the first time in seven years?

The children were overjoyed when the sun came out. They squinted their eyes at the sun. They took off their jackets so they could feel the sun on their arms. They dashed through the woods. Then they lost their footing and fell. After that they pushed and shoved each other. They played tag and hide-and-seek and  ran for an hour straight and did not stop.

8. The other youngsters couldn’t remember what the sun looked like, but Margot could. What is the reason for this?

The other kids couldn’t recall seeing the sun. They first saw the sun when they were two years old, seven years ago. As a result, they were unable to recall the sun. Margot, unlike most of the children, is a new arrival from Earth. As a result, she was well-versed on the subject of the sun


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