A program on safe drive save life in school

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safe drive save life program in school


In the School HallIn the School Hall of (Name of your school), all of the students and teachers eagerly witnessed the “Safe Drive, Save Life” campaign. It was organized by the school through a students-teachers meeting that was informed by the West Bengal government. It was for the purpose of raising awareness about road safety, which is a critical and responsive component on today’s roads. Students and teachers marched in a parade of road safety placards. Then a variety of activities such as quizzes, debates, project development, and essay writing were organized for everyone.

The importance of it was also emphasized by the Headmaster, the chief guest, and a few teachers.
To awaken people from the accident zone, we created a roadshow and banners or posters. It is extremely important in our modern lives. Another feature of the program was that the police required all drivers and pillion riders to wear helmets. At key traffic intersections, CCTV cameras had been mounted.

The most important thing you can avoid is rushing. ‘HASTE MAKES WASTE,’. So, while you’re on the lane, never be in a rush. The second thing you must avoid is being ‘impatient.’ When driving, be careful. You will encounter people who are in a hurry; do not be swayed by their haste.

To stop reckless driving, one should simply keep their cool while driving. All took an oath to follow traffic laws and drive slowly to make the roads safer for others. Also, remember to wear a helmet while riding a motorcycle. The Headmaster’s closing speech brought the curriculum to a close at 5 p.m.
Really it was a great experience in my school life . I will never forget this because this type of activity will grow the social and moral virtues of the students.

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