Friendship _a paragraph for class 9 , 10 , 11

Paragraph on Friendship 

Friendship is one of the deepest relationships. It helps us to get through difficult times easier. It provides emotional support when we are sad. Friendship is valuable in life since it teaches us a lot about ourselves. Friendship teaches us so many things that we wouldn’t learn anywhere else. You learn to love someone who is not a member of your family. In front of friends, you know how to be yourself.

A good friend will make you happy and will make you happy. He will never leave you alone and grieve you. Friends also taught us many wonderful things. They teach us to be honest, respectful, and kind to others. Friends also tell you what is right and what is wrong. They help you to see the world with your own eyes.

Your family feeds you to survive. Frie


hip guarantees that you can live happily. It also shapes your personality. You learn good manners from your friends and become one of them. They are like your own mirror. Without friendships, life would have been much better. Can you imagine how boring school would be without friends?
A true friend should be known and his friendship should be protected. Losing a real friend is like losing a precious thing from life. And you may never recover the lost treasure. It is difficult to find a true friend. So value the friendship of such a friend. Above all, reciprocate the love your friend has for you. And give your friend a special place in your heart.

In short, true friendship is what motivates us to persevere in life. It’s fine to have a loving family, but true friendship is required to be totally content. Some people don’t have families at all, but they do have friends who are like family to them. As a result, we can see that having true friends is extremely important to everyone.
I pray to God, that He will allow friendship to last forever in our lives.

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