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Report writing is very important writing skill contend for the students of Madhyamik section as they have to prepare many topics to get hansome marks in the exam.So format of various topics should be followed to complete all. Here I have made a format of writing report on flood.

How to write a Report on Flood or other calamity

………( name of the place where the calamity / flood occurre) experienced the largest disaster of (name of calamity) in the month of……… Heavy rainfall was the cause of this devastating flood. The water was flowing over the danger level, because almost all the dams were opened. About 500 died. Many people are missing and many fields were washed away. The tranportation system has been broken down. The telecommunication service has been disrupted, since the towers were uprooted.

The affected areas have become isolated from the main portion of the state. As a result the victims are spending miserable life there. It was the worst flood ever in the place after the great flood in…. ( year) It was declared level 4 calamity by the government of India. About 300000 people were evacuated after giving warning. Morethan 40000 people had been rescued. 3200 relief camps had been opened at various places of the state.

The whole nations has extended their helping hands to help the victims. The central governmen, big and small organisations and schools and Colleges had contributed to the chief minister relief fund geneously. The government has announced rs 50000 to every victim family. The medical teams are working continuously for the vuctims.Even the UNO has sent their relief team to the affected areas. Countries like Bangladesh, Srilanka, Usa have lent their helping hands. After this catastrophic incident, .,…. is trying to bring normalcy. Few months will be taken to overcome this.

For the students of Madhyamik.

Students may use this format to write report on flood. It will help the students of class 8 and 9 to write report on flood. This structue may be used to write report on natural calamity like cyclone and earth quake also. It will help the students of icse and cbse board.

Thank you.

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