My aim in life _an essay for students

Aim in life
Aim in lif







An essay for class students

Aim in life

Everyone has aim in life. A man can not get success in life if he has no aim in life He becomes a helpless and hopeless man A man having no aim in life is like a letter without address. I prefer to be a teacher as it is the most noblest job.

I’m not a fan of positions. I am naturally modest. I don’t want to be a million. This was my childhood dream. One purpose of my life is to serve the community to be a good citizen. To me teaching seems to be the best way to serve the community.


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I belong to the middle class. Naturally, I have to face many difficulties in my life. The hardships I have faced in my life’s journey have made me that lack of education is the biggest problem I will contribute to my life to spread literacy on all social media to remove the darkness of illiteracy. It is a shame that a quarter of our people are still illiterate even after more than 75 years of freedom. In terms of women’s education, the image is very sour. Without learning we cannot make all the progress.

I can better understand the needs of a vulnerable community. I will work hard to make a difference in their lives. When this section of society is taught, it will have a completely different society. There will be no superstition when they will be taught. I will always be there to listen to their questions or whatever comes up. I will arrange extra classes for those who find it difficult to keep up with the regular class.

I am fully aware that I will have to deal with a lot of difficulties. Teachers’ lives are difficult. He does not get respect he deserves. This profession is always underestimated.But I will not worry about all these. I will try my best to make students good citizens. I will help them expand their perspective. I will refine their personality and shape their characters. I will try to build good moral values ​​in them. For India to have good citizens to take it on a path of progress and prosperity where everyone has a dignified life full of opportunities for equality.

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