A visit to a historical place

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Visiting historical places help the students to learn new things. It improves the educational skill of the students. They learn many unknown things of the past what their books don’t provide them. So visiting historical places is an ideal and practical way to learn the things of the past. It can easily explore complex aspects of historical events that its books fail to explain.

The school was closed during summer vacation. The cultural department of our school arranged a tour of Agra. We started our journey by the North East Express. I have a keen interest to see the Taj Mahal. We have seen this wonderful creation in images and read in books. Our journey was comfortable. After getting down at the station we reached Agra and then we went to see the most desired vision of the Taj

. We were moved to see the beauty of the Taj. The Taj appears to me like a marble dream. The great Mughal emperor Shahjahan built it in the sweet memory of his most beloved wife, Mumtaz. The graves of Mumtaz and Shajahan lied there. The guide clearly explained each part of the monument in detail. Then we visited the Red Fort. We were very much excited to visit the place.

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