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Sample questions for the students of class 11 Of Wbchse

 Sample questions for class 11 / Full Marks -35

Sample question

 Answer any three questions 3×5=15

1.Describe the journey of the lover in the poem Meeting at Night.


3.Describe the activities of the wind.

4.A sight so touching in its majesty”― which ‘sight’ is referred to in the line? How does the poet describe the beauty of the ‘sight’?

Short questions (Any five) 5×1=5

1.How long is the sea-scented beach?

2.Where does the boat slow down?

3.What garment did the city wear?

4. What is meant by ‘mighty heart ‘ mentioned in the poem? 

5.Whydoes the wind sigh while blowing over the churchyard? 

6.What does the wins ask the forest to do? 

Grammar (Any five) 5×1=5

1.After I get married, I am going to sell out and go west. (Use the noun form of ‘married’)

2. “Sir, do you want a servant?”, Sidda asked Mr Sivasanker. (Turn it into indirect speech)

3 She could draw a kind of cat or crow.( change the voice).

4.Her mind was dusturbed. (Use disturbed as noun) 

5.Ben Price knew Jimmy’s habits. (Make it negative)

6.He leaned on the desk and declared  his platform  to the clerk. (Make it simple)

Writing advertisement  5×2=10

1.You are a banker in coochbehar and you have decided to purchase a flat near the cob. So, draft an advertisement in about 50 words in a newspaper informing your platform.
2.A coaching centre  for the various  courses of Upsc is going to be opened  in your town. So draft an commercial  leaflet in abou 50 words in a newspaper.


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