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1]Paragraph on Importance of trees


Trees are our earliest friends. It is very important to our environment. It is the lung of the environment as it works as the lung of the human body. They shelter a variety of flora and fauna. Trees play an important part in preventing natural calamities and floods. Trees are the source of oxygen. So we should protect it. Besides, trees give us wood for furniture, herb for medicines. Besides, it gives us flowers, fruits, and honey that are valuable gifts. Trees have a major role to make the temperature of the earth moderate and cozy. Trees play the role of the natural filter that absorbs carbon dioxide and emits life-giving oxygen. We should always buy recycled goods to save the environment with trees. For saving trees, we should be careful to use plastic carry bags and paper or recycle them.


2]Importace of reading a newspaper   

Newspaper is a very useful thing in the life of the modern life Newspaper makes the common people aware about the current affairs of the world.   It makes a concrete bridge between the citizens of a state and Its government. It provides every detail of the event no matter how small it is.

In fact, It helps us to become informed citizens. Newspaper plays a vital role to make people aware about the changes of rules and regulations of a state by government Moreover, it is very informative for the pupils and the unemployed. A student is enriched with general knowledge and current affair by reading newspapers. It updates us with the latest technologies,  politics, and research studies. It serves the opinion of the people on important issues of the state. A good government always follows newspapers to know the expectations of the citizens. Besides, it opens great opportunities for those who are unemployed.  The newspaper publishes advertisements for various jobs from many companies and they are from reliable sources. Newspaper is a great source of improving vocabulary and grammar. For this,  a student should always read the newspaper.  Newspaper develops the fluency so that we can discuss the on every topic. Newspaper develops our reading habit. Besides, it contains some games like crosswords, puzzles, sudoku that sharpen our brain.


3]Use and abuse of mobile phones

The mobile phone is a wonderful scientific invention that enables us to communicate with any person from anywhere.  Today we can live a moment without it. It has many advantages that we can not count on. Firstly it has brought a revolution in the field of communication. Now we can’t imagine or think about a fixed telephone.   It is an alternative to the personal computer. We can do almost everything of pc on the mobile phone. A mobile phone is not used only for communicating new,  it has many usages. It plays the role of video player and camera. For the mobile,  the usages of the camera is going down gradually. It plays the role of media player and scanner. The mobile phone has made the vast world of technology a micro-world accessing internet and wifi. In online studies, it has become a great means of virtual classes. Almost every student attends virtual classes through a mobile phone.  In spite of these advantages, the mobile phone has some disadvantages. To the young generation, the mobile phone has become an addiction. The students neglect their studies and spend much time with their phones. They join online games and become so addicted that they become mad about games. Excessive use of the mobile phone causes cancer as it releases electromagnetic radiation. Besides it damages hearing. So mobile phones should be banned for children and students. But we can not leave the mobile phone in spite of having so many bad effects .



My favorite book is Panchatantra. written by Sharma. The book contains a series of stories. the author has tried to allow the moral character of the work of animals. I am very keen to read newsletters and this book has given ME a wide variety of stories.

The story of the wader and crab shows the mind and intelligence of the crab. The stork could not test his food once he had started the previous one so he had created a plan. He stood unhappy and depressed near the lake and when the fish and crab asked why he was sad, he made up his mind to pretend that the lake would be the owner of the people to cultivate the plants. All the fish, frogs, and crabs were confirmed by his story. Later, when it was hoped that the crab would be killed and eaten by the stork, the case was reversed. Crab has used his ingenuity and will guess the important motive of the stork. He escaped by killing a stork.

The book contains several stories such as Monkey and Crocodile, Elephant and Mice, Reliable Context, etc. There are many stories in the book and they focus on qualities such as friendship, courage, ingenuity, mental presence, and unity.  

The book Panchatantra is one of my favorite books. I was very happy after reading this book for the first time. These stories are fascinating and teach us a healthy lifestyle.

5]Importance of physical exercise

what is physical exercise?


physical exercise the movement of the limbs of the body. it is very essential for health. Physical exercise includes swimming, running, walking, jogging, rowing, etc the outdoor games are also good examples of physical exercise. we can attain good health through the games like cricket, football, volleyball, hockey, etc. Everybody must keep some physical exercise in their routine life. physical exercise improves our health. physical exercise makes us so strong that we enjoy a life without diseases. our body is like a device that needs proper maintaining and only physical exercise can help us to maintain our body well.  physical exercise makes our mind fresh and brings peace to our mind . so physical exercise is important for not only our body but also our mind.  For the students, physical exercise is a must. So every school has included physical education in its curriculum it refreshes our brain also. It makes us cheerful. A man who does not take physical exercise regularly becomes the victim of many incurable diseases and he does not enjoy his life properly. He loses all interest and happiness in life.    But we should remember that over-exercise is injurious to health and causes many bad effects. So we need balanced physical exercise

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