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2021English suggestion for class 11 of wbchse


2021 Suggestion for class 11
prose for WBCHSE students



Suggestion for prose and poetry 

1.Leelas Friend

A)Why was Leela  fond of Sidda’s company?   

B)Who found the gold chain of Leela and where?  What did the finder do then?   How did Leela’s father react after getting the chain?

C)How do Mr. Sivasanker and Mrs. Sivasanker react to Leela’s missing chain? How does Leela react? What features of their character are exposed?

2. Jimmy Valentine

A)What did jimmy write to his friend?

B)Evaluate the character of Jimmy  Valentine.

C)Evaluate the character of Ben Price.

D) How did jimmy save the girl from the vault?

D)How did Jimmy himself after his release from imprisonment.

E)  How did Jimmy rescue the girl from the vault?

3.Karma by Khuswant Singh


B).  Sketch  Character of LACHMI.

C). Evaluate – Lachmi -Mohan relationship.

D) Justify the title of KARMA

Suggestion  for poem

MEETING AT NIGHT by Robert Browning

B)Describe the journey of the lover in the poem.

C) Images used in the poem – Meeting at Night.

Daybreak by Henry  Wordsworth Longfellow.

A) Where did the wind come from? How did it communicate with other objects of nature?

B)what is personification?  How was the wind personified?

C)Explain the last two lines of the poem.

Westminster  Bridge by William Wordsworth

A)Describe the beauty of the city of London as depicted in the poem by William Wordsworth.

B) “A sight so touching in its majesty”― What ‘sight’ is referred to here? How does the poet describe the ‘sight’?

C)Justify the title of the poem “Composed Upon Westminster Bridge”.

D) “The city now doth, like a garment, wear . . .”― Explain the line in the context of the poem.


These questions are important for the students of class 11 of wbchse. But if the students want goods marks, he or she should not depend on the selected questions and their answers. A detailed study is necessary there. There is no alternative to a detailed study.

The suggestion of rapid reader will be given here..

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