short questions and and answers of R K Narayanan Leela”s friend for class 11

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 1.Who was Sidda? 

Ans: Sidda was the servant of Sivasanker’s house.


2.Where did Mr. Sivasanker meet Siida?  

Ans: Mr. Sivasanker met Siida at the front gate of his house.

3.Where did Sidda live previously?

Ans: Sidda previously worked in a doctor’s house.

4.Why did Sidda leave the doctor’s house?

Ans: Sidda left the doctor’s house because the doctor left the town.

5.What types of jobs did Sidda perform in Mr.  Sivasanker’s house?

Ans:  Sidda had to wash clothes, tend the garden,  run errands,  chop wood, and look after Leela in Sivasanker’s house.

6. Why did Leela long for Sidda’s company?

Ans: Leela longed for Sidda’s company because it made her very happy.

7. Who ordered Sidda to throw the ball into the sky?

Ans: Leela told  Sidda to throw the ball into the sky.

8. How could Leela touch the sky?

Ans: According to Sidda, Leela could touch the sky standing on the coconut tree.

9. What was Leela’s box filled with?

Ans: Leela’s box was filled with catalogs, illustrated books, and stamps of pencils.

10. How many letters of the alphabet did Leela know?

Ans: Leela knew two or three letters of the alphabet.

11.What did Leela ask Sidda to draw?

Ans: Leela asked ordered Sidda to draw something like a cat and a  crow.

12. What did Siida do to seek relief from Leela’s class?

Ans: Siida found relief from Leela’s class by saying that her mother is calling her for dinner.

13. What did Leela do after dinner.?

Ans: Leela ran to her bed and listened to stories from Sidda after dinner.

14.How did Sidda put Leela to sleep?

Ans: Sidda put Leela to sleep by telling some incomparable stories of animals gods, magicians  Princess, and their pets.

15.Where did Leela go with Sidda in the evening?

Ans: Leela went to bring sugar in Sidda in the evening.

16. When did Leela’s mother notice that Leela’s gold chain was missing?

Ans: When Leela came back after buying sugar with Sidda, Leela’s mother noticed that Leea’s gold chain was missing.

17..who discovered the loss of the gold chain?

Ans: Leela’s mother discovered the loss of the gold chain of Leela.

18. Why did Sidda vanished into the night?

Ans: Sidda vanished in tonight because he was suspected to have stolen Leela’s gold chain.

19. Why was Leila angry with her mother?

Ans; Leela was angry with her mother because she always abused  Sidda.

20.Which thought made Leela’s mother panicky?

Ans: Leea’s mother was panicky because she thought she might enter the house at night and loot all.

22.What did Mr. Sivasanker know about Sidda from the police?

Ans: Sivasanker knew that Sidda was a confirmed criminal and he had been in jail in several times on the charge of stealing jewelry from children.

23.How would Sidda cope with Leela’s class?

Ans: Sidda attempted to distract Leela’s class by claiming that Leela’s mother was calling Leela in for dinner.

24.Who was the one who brought Sidda to Mr. Sivasankar’s house?

Ans: Sidda was brought to Mr. Sivasankar’s house by a police inspector and a constable.

25.After dinner, what did Leela usually do?

Ans: Leela dashed to her bed after dinner, and Sidda had to be ready with a narrative.

26.When asked where he previously worked, what was Sidda’s response?

ANS: When Mr. Sivasanker asked Sidda where he had previously worked, Sidda responded with a stock response that he had previously worked in a doctor’s house near the market, implying a vague location.

27.Mr. Sivasanker, what was your first impression of Sidda?

Ans; Mr. SIvsanker’s first impression of Sidda was that he didn’t appear to be a bad guy and was well-dressed

28.why was Sidda was arrested?

Ans; Sidda was arrested for allegedly stealing Leela’s gold chain.

29.When Mr. Sivasanker couldn’t make up his decision, what did he do?

Ans: – When Mr. Sivavanker couldn’t decide whether or not he should keep Sidda, he would call his wife for advice.

30.What was Leela’s reaction when she saw Sidda for the second time?

Ans: When Leela saw Sidda, she was so excited that she shouted Sidda’s name and dashed down the stairs to meet him.


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