Important Writing Skill suggestion for Madhyamik 2021

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Madhyamik  suggestions  for writing skill 2021

It is very difficult for one to suggest some particular questions and if it is an examination like Madhyamik, the task becomes very difficult. A student should not depend on any suggestion to get good marks. Suggestions are just assumptions of questions. If a student wants desired marks, he/she must be hardworking.
However,  here I have just tried to suggest some questions from writing skills,  but I will not say these questions are 100% common. My advice for the students is  – don’t depend on any suggestions, read A-z, and take ideas from various suggestions sold in the market.

Take an idea from this suggestion.





  • Important  paragraph  for class10

1.A book you have recently  read 

2.A journey by train.

3.Your aim in life 

4.The person you like most. 

5.Usefulness  of mornings  exercise 

6.The film you have recently watched.

7.Duties of a student

8.Usefulness of reading newspaper. drive save a life 


  • Important  process writing

1.How a magazine is published.

2 How newspapers are produced.

3.How a building is built 

4.preparation  of Mustard  oil 

5.Preparation  of bread. 

6. Preparation of mango pickle.

7.How to prepare sanitizer.

  • Important  notice writing

Here, the only subject  has been given for understanding 

1.Keep your school clean.

2.Tree plantation program 

3. Safe drinking water

4 For missing a student 

5. Free book distribution 

6.Cultural program celebration 

7.Relief for Amphan

8.Debate competition.

  • Biography  writing 

1.Swami Vivekananda 


3.Soumitra Chatterjee.

4.Prepare  a biography  of a Sportsman

5.Prepare  a  biography  of an actor/actress

6. A p j kalam

  • Short Story writing

1.Two  friends and the bear 

2. The business in a jungle, a robber attacks, rain starts.

3.Three  thieves and the jewelry 

4.Sir Philip Sidney and the thirsty soldier

5.The crow and the pitcher

6.The soldier and the caged birds

  • Letters Writing

1.Write a letter to your friend informing him how you have experienced the lockdown.

2.Write a letter to your friend informing the importance of reading the daily newspaper.

3. Write a letter to your friend  informing the benefits of daily physical  exercise  /morning  walk

4 . Write a letter to your friend advising him to leave the online mobile game. 

5.Write a letter to your friend giving your online class experience.

  • Letter to Editor

1.for wasting drinking water

2. cut fruits selling in the market 

3.accidents caused on the roads due to the use of mobiles 

4.misuse  of loudspeaker 

5.Condition of roads/ Hospital/


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