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As you like it – questions and answers for class 11

1.why did Rosalind and Celia leave the palace? why did they disguise themselves?

as you like it



        The tyrannical Duke Frederick has actually decided to banish his niece Rosalind from the judge this is certainly ducal. There’s absolutely no reason behind his decision. Frederick ordered Rosalin to leave the palace because he is insanely envious of the huge popularity that Rosalind enjoys. she reminds her  father, Duke Senior what he especially hates. Frederick will never feel secure on the throne in the presence of Rosalind and so he makes the decision that is fateful to banish her.

         Frederick’s girl Celia is horrified at her dad’s tyranny and attempts to protest against him on Rosalind’s behalf. But her efforts were in vain. As Celia can not prevent her father from banishing Rosalind, she chooses to leave the palace for the Forest of Arden. That is a strategy this is certainly risky at the best, the one that’s fraught with considerable danger.

        Celia will elope with Rosalind, then, but only in disguise. Rosalind, too, will disguise herself in order not to entice interest. Rosalind and  Celia took the disguise not to arouse the attraction of others as it was just impossible and risky enough for the two grown-up girls to move through the forest wearing royal attire. Hence Rosalind   disguised herself  as Shephard and took the name Ganymede whereas Celia becomes her sister Aliena, the shepherdess


2] Describe the life of the banished duke in the forest of Arden 


 The banished Duke along with his supporters lived a totally free and calm life when you look at the woodland of Arden. The life span had been more soothing as compared to the full life of the court. They spent their summertime lying underneath the shade corresponding with the woods. They viewed the playful activities of forest-deer. If the cool winds of winter season blew, the Duke would say that the chilling winds had been their counselors of truthfulness. They did not slimmer but represented his condition undoubtedly. He could draw lessons from nature and then he found tongues in woods, books in streaming, sermons in stones and good in every little thing.

  • 3)How did Adam show his loyalty to his master?

Sir Rowland de Boys had an old and trusty servant named Adam. He was particularly fond of Orlando since he resembled his father. He learned that Oliver had developed a strategy to murder his brother Orlando when he was sleeping. He immediately alerted Orlando to the impending danger and encouraged him to evacuate. He aided him with a sum of gold worth 500 crowns. He also asked him to accompany him on the journey so he could assist him. In this way, Adam showed his respect to his master.

4.  what was the “miracle,” and how did it happen?

The miracle was that Orlando would marry Rosalind on the same day that Oliver married the disguised Aliena.

The disguised Ganymede asked the Duke on the scheduled day if he would marry his daughter Rosalind to Orlando, and he agreed. She then questioned Orlando whether he would marry Rosalind if she were to be taken there, and he consented. So Rosalind walked to an adjacent cottage, removed her disguise, and introduced herself to everyone as Rosalind, the Duke’s daughter. The miracle was accomplished in this way thanks to Rosalind’s intelligence.


5.Make a character sketch of Orlando.

In the story As You Like It, Orlando is the pinnacle of creative perfection. He is a decent man who lacks both education and social standing. He is the fulcrum of the system. He seems to be the strongest and kindest character in the entire story. His ability is demonstrated by his triumph in the wrestling contest. His politeness to Rosalind and Celia at the court reflects his pure character. He met and fell in love with Rosalind at first sight, oblivious to the fact that they are from different socioeconomic classes. His roughness for Adam’s sake indicates that he is a man with genuine feelings. He saves Oliver’s life in the manner of a perfect human being. His marriage to Rosalind is the perfect reward for his uncomplicated personality.



6. Describe Orlando and Oliver’s encounter in the woods.

Ans: On his way to Rosalind’s cottage one morning, he notices a man sleeping on the ground. A deadly snake is wrapped around his neck. When Orlando gets closer, he realizes the man is Oliver, and that a lioness is waiting for him to wake up so she may eat him. Despite the fact that Oliver has been the most unbrotherly to him, he apologizes for him. The snake, feeling danger, glides away as he approaches. Orlando fights the lioness and sustains serious injuries in the process. Meanwhile, Oliver awakens, realizes what has happened, and asks Orlando’s pardon. The two brothers become united in their loving relationship as Orlando forgives them.


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