Short questions and answers from Daybreak by Henry Wordsworth Longfellow for class 11 and 8

Short questions and answers from Daybreak

by Henry Wordsworth Longfellow

1.What does the title daybreak mean?
Ans: The title daybreak means the arrival of the new day with new hope.

2.From where did the wind come? When does it come?
Ans: The wind came out of the sea at dawn.

3.What does the wind ask the ships to do?
Ans The wind asks the ships to sail on.

wind of Daybreak
wind of Daybreak



4.What did the wind ask the forest?
Ans: The wind asked the forest to hang all its leafy banners out.

5.What did they ask the forest birds?
Ans: The wind touched the wings of the birds and asked them to sing.

6.Whom did they find over the farm? 

Ans: The wind found the chanticleer over the farm.

7.What did the wind say to the chanticleer?

Ans: The wind said to the chanticleer to blow his clarion to wake up all.

8.What does the wind say to the cornfield?

Ans: The wind requested the cornfield to welcome the new dawn blowing down the head.

9. How does the poet personify the wind?

Ans: The poet personifies the wind by giving human ability. 

10. ‘Not yet in a quiet lie’ What does the signify? 

Ans The line signifies that the dead are lying in the grave and their time to wake has not come.

11..What did the wind urge the bell?

Ans: The wind urged the bell to proclaim the hour. 

12.To whom does the wind ask to make passage for blowing?

Answer: The wind asks the mists to make room for blowing. 

13 when does the wind sigh and why?

Ans: The wind sighs while blowing over the churchyard. It sighs because the deads of the graves are unable to wake up as the living beings.

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