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write an essay for the beginners

For beginners writing an essay is a challenge. In this case they become a rudderless ship amidst the vast ocean of English words.   Especially for the students of countries like India and other countries of Asian face difficulties while writing easy. This is natural, because their general reading and experience in english is limited.  Really it is a very horrible thing for them  to write. But nowadays the students of this sub-continent have to face this, as their parents admit them in the English medium school or broad. But if we look at the overall structure of the education system, we will find that ninety percent of children are not able to write a single paragraph . If they are not able to write ten lines in English. , then how they attempt to write an essay.


Writing  an essay  becomes joy ful if a students  knows how to write an essay . i mean to say the p[roces of writin essay . If they learn how to write essay , it will be very to them to write an esay at any time and on any topic  and any where and whatever the situatyion . there are many videos and artucle you will find – how to write eassy . But the most important is that you have to know the basic grammar or ernglish to write english lines . Afterall , it not our mother tounge. A student should know the tenses first,  then he will write paragraph. For every students knowing   tenses  is a moral duty to write correct english. 

Now the question is What is the difference between a paragraph and an essay?

Every essay is divided into paragraphs and each paragraph centers around one topic or idea. 

A paragraph t develop a particular ide with some group of words  

   Points to be followed to write an essay 

At first a sproperly must think properly what he is going to write. The student should select the subject of the essay. Then the student should collect facts and ideas related to the selected topic. . Next the students must organise the facts and ideas in a way that helps him develop the main theme logically


 While writing,  the students should start the essay with a key sentence. A key sentence is very important, as it attracts the reader’s attention to an article. After writing keywords, the students should five to eight lines about the content of the various he will write in the following paragraphs. It will be an introduction. The introduction. The introduction consists of some lines that arrest the subject matter of the whole writing. The introduction starts with a quotation, proverb, general remark, or a very brief story.     

Body of the essay

The body is called the house of the essay. In arranging the body of an ideal essay, you should observe the proportion of the volume of words. Suppose you have been given an essay on the importance of trees, then you should not expense three paragraphs to show the importance of trees. You will devote two paragraphs for its benefits and the other is to be devoted to Its bad effects.    But all the paragraphs should be well developed and should be defined to one another according to the direction of your points of the essay.      


Like an introduction,  the conclusion should arouse the attention of the readers and satisfy the reader’s curiosity. Remember good. The conclusion must contain a summing up of the arguments of the essay. It portrays the whole subject matter. It will be more fantastic if you paste here a suitable quotation that justifies your whole essay. 

Format of writing essay










Very vital
Starts with a key sentence  that highlights the entire topic

Notes: You can start writing in such a way…
1. Nowadays it is randomly discussed…
2. Nowadays
3. At present the most debated issue is.
5. Do you ignore the most common topic
6. Most of the people demand that
7. At present
Apreviewfter this you have to give an of your essay in brief








The body includes Three  two-four paragraphs

: Suppose you are writing an essay ” Importance of reading newspaper ‘

1st paragraph —benefit of Newspaper 1)At First, 2)Firstly, 3)First of all
2nd paragraph – benefits for yourself
2nd paragraph – benefits for yourself 1)secondly, 2)Furthermore,3) In addition to
3 rd paragraph  – Highlight  some sides that affect us
3 rd paragraph  – Highlight  some sides that affect us 1)Lastly, 2)Last but not least

4th paragraph  – Your own opinion  to handle  it
According to my

4th paragraph  – Your own opinion  to handle  it
According to me 1)From my point of view
2)It seems to me.
3)My opinion is that
4)I consider
5)On the matter, my own view is

Notes: Here you can add
1)The recent research shows…
2)According  to (name of a person)

2)It seems to me.
3)My opinion is that
4)I consider
5)On the matter, my own view is

Notes: Here you can add
1)The recent research shows…
2)According  to (name of a person)



Very effective  portion
It  will be as catchy as the introduction

you can start in such a way: 1) To conclude
2)To sum up
3)You can add here someone’s quote
4)Taking everything into consideration








































please comment.

I hope it will help the students to write essays in an easy manner. They will follow the steps one after one and will be able to give shape their essay. Now in the examination,  a handsome mark is allotted for essay,  if you maintain all the steps, you must get good marks.

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