What did jimmy valentine write to his friend?


After his settlement at Elmore, jimmy’s life was totally changed. The transformation in jimmy brings the love affair with Annabel Adam, the banker’s daughter. The meeting with Annabel was the turning point of jimmy’s life. It changed him. The letter written by him shows how his personality has been changed falling in love with Annabel.

He wrote a letter to one of his friends giving him his tools. In a letter to his old friend, Jimmy wrote that he wanted to meet him at Sullivan’s Place in Little Rock on Wednesday night at 9 p.m. He wanted to present his old friend Billy with his burglar tools that were impossible for anyone else to replicate. He has written that he has given up his job as a burglar and now he is a successful businessman and will marry the most beautiful girl in the world and live a straight life.  And He also informed his friend that after his marriage he would sell and sell in the west and live with his wife without committing a crime in his life. At the end of the letter, he requests Billy to be sure to come again and pick up

   Evaluate the character of Jimmy  Valentine

Alias Jimmy Valentine written O. Henry is one of the beautiful short stories in English literature. The plot and the twist of the story, the impressiveness of the hero’s love for his girlfriend, and the surprise emotional ending are something new that makes the story fantastic. 

The main character in the story is Jimmy Valentine, Jimmy Valentine is a burglar by profession. He is also an inventor as he has also developed many useful hacking tools. Jimmy was pardoned by the governor from punishment but after his release,  he resumed burglary and fled to Elmore for safety. It shows his ingenuity. At Elmore, he fell in love with a beautiful girl Annabel Adams when you first saw her in front of Elmore bank.

After that, he completely abandoned his dark life and transformed himself into a good, honest citizen. He also established himself as a successful shopkeeper. She proved to be a good lover when she won Annabel’s heart. He did not hesitate to fear the revelation of his past life as he rescued little Agatha and her hacking tools in front of everyone. It testifies to his personality and to his faithfulness. He changed his mind and wanted to be arrested at the end of the story. Jimmy, a former criminal by profession, finally pretends to be a real man and a lover.


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 Evaluate the character of Ben Price 


 jimmy valentine by O Henry is an American crime drama where Ben Price played a very strong role. For him,the climax of the story becomes more interesting as well as captivating to the readers. 

Ben price is a high-ranked police officer or an honest detective who arrested Jimmy and sent him to prison for his spring field safe cracking case. But shortly after his release, Jimmy resumed his old business of safe for cracking three times in a row. Ben of Price was summoned in and an analysis of the performance of the safecracker came to the conclusion that these were not made by someone other than Jimmy.

He followed Jimmy and eventually he reached Elmore where Jimmy lived with Ralph D Spencer’s ID and making love with Annabel Adam, the bankers’ daughter.   But when he visited Elmore bank to arrest Jimmy, he discovered Jimmy breaking a safe. But this time jimmy had cracked the safe not to steal but to save the child’s life. Ben’s price realized that Jimmy had been changed, now he was a new man. Therefore it would be a crime on his side if he would arrest Ralph D Spenser, a kind-hearted man who could sacrifice himself for others.  Ben Price was a real hero in his heart and he left pretending not to know Jimmy.

What did Jimmy’s suitcase contain? What was his reaction after looking at the tools?

Ans: Jimmy dragged out his dust-covered suitcase from a panel in the wall of his own room in Mike Dolan’s cafe.


Jimmy kept the suitcase secretly in his room. The suitcase contains full burglar’s tools. They were the finest burglary tools of the East. The tools include braces, punches, bits, jimmies, clamps, and augers. Besides these, there were two or three novelties invented by Jimmy himself. The tools were of the latest design and they were made of tempered steel. The set of tools costs over nine hundred.

Jimmy looked at the tools as Jimmy invented some of them and he was detached from them for some months. He loved them and took pride in them.

Describe the contents of Jimmy suitcase . why does he take so much care of them?
After his release Jimmy Valentine came to his room .He pulled out of the wall a folding bed.Then Jimmy slid back a panel and dragged out a dust covered suitcase.opening this, Jimmy gazed at the finest set of burglaries made in the east. The suitcase contain a complete set of tools made of specially tempered Steel, the latest design in drills, punches,braces clamps,aguers etc . A few of the tools were quarrely novel since Jimmy had designed them himself.
Jimmy was proud of his set of burglars tool. He had spent over 900 dollars in having them made at a place where such thing are made .The set of tools enabled him to accomplish all his burglary operations smoothly and accuracy leaving almost no clue to the author .Jimmy could jerk out any combination knob as easily as pulling up a radish in wet weather with clams .With his drill he could punch out any safe making not more than a single hole. So , Jimmy took great pride on his dearest possessions that anyone in this profession would be glad to get them or never be able to duplicate the lot for the thousand dollars. Such things would surely enjoy enough love, affection and admiration from his master, Jimmy.

What did Jimmy Valentine do after he was released from prison until he met Mike Dolan? 

Ans. After being released from jail, Jimmy went straight to a restaurant, neglecting the natural wonders of the world such as bird sounds, blowing green trees, and the scent of flowers. He sampled the first sweet pleasures of liberty in the shape of grilled chicken, a bottle of wine, and a decent quality cigar at the hotel. When he arrived at the station, he threw a quarter into the hat of a blind person before boarding the train. After that, he drove for three hours till he arrived at a little township where his friend Mike Dolan resided.

“Mr. Ralph D. Spencer, the phoenix that rose from the ashes of Jimmy Valentine.” – Who is Ralph D. Spencer? What exactly is Phoenix? What is the significance of the comparison?

Ans. Jimmy Valentine had changed his identity to Mr. Ralph D. Spencer at Elmore.

The phoenix is a mythical Arabian bird, according to ancient mythological traditions. Every 500 years, it burns to ashes and is reborn from the ashes. When Jimmy Valentine gazed into Annabel’s eyes, he forgot who he was and became someone else. He resolved to quit his previous career as a burglar and live a law-abiding life under a new name. Ralph D. Spencer sprang from the ashes of Jimmy Valentine thanks to a love attack. As a result, the phoenix and Jimmy Valentine are a good match.


“That child – she can’t stay in there for long.” – To whom is this addressed? What put her in a safe? How did she come to be saved

Ans. Agatha, Annabel’s elder sister’s daughter, is the child in question.

While everyone was discussing, May had locked Agatha in the vault in a playful manner. The vault was difficult to open. There was no predetermined mix of bolts and knobs. There was a lack of oxygen. Fear would put Agatha into convulsions. She was at risk because of this.

At that time, everyone was a mix of confusion and enthusiasm. With tears in her eyes, Annabel asked Jimmy to help her save the child. Jimmy agreed although he was well aware that he would ruin everything if he did. He unlocked the briefcase and used his pet drills to break the vault in five minutes. In this manner, he was able to save the child.

Who is this “that child” who “can’t handle being in there for long”? What put her in sa? How did she come to be saved?

Answer: Agatha, Annabel’s eldest sister’s daughter, is mentioned here. In the spirit of play, Agatha was locked up in the new vault by her nine-year-old daughter in May. Agatha was in risk of suffocating since the new vault’s clock had not been wound and the combination had not been set. Nobody knew how to get Agatha out of the vault, so everyone was stunned and helpless. Even though he was in danger of being exposed to his previous life, Jimmy, who was present with his bag holding the burglar’s tools, promptly employed those tools and saved Agatha.


How did Jimmy valentine acquire information on Annabel Adam with the assistance of the boy?

Jimmy summoned a boy who was waiting just outside of the bank and questioned him about the city. During his conversation with him, the young lady with whom he had fallen in love entered the bank and continued on her way. He eagerly questioned the boy if she had been Polly in the hopes of gaining some information. By assuaging his fears, the youth unwittingly assists Jimmy in gathering information on her. The boy informs Jimmy that she is Annabel Adams, whose father owned the bank.

Give details about Jimmy’s lifestyle in Elmore until his true identity was revealed?

Jimmy lived the life of his dreams at Elmore before his true identity was revealed. He renamed himself Ralph D Spenser and established a successful shoe business in the area. He also managed to win the heart of Miss Annabel Adams, and the two became engaged. Jimmy was even liked by Mr Adams, the average plodding rural banker. Though Jimmy began to live in a hotel, he frequently visited the Adams household and had become regarded as a family member. After his marriage, Jimmy desired to sell his assets and relocate to the western region of the state, where he believed he would be free of any old enemies looking to settle scores with him.


How did Jimmy prosper as a man, in love, in business, and among society’s people in Elmore?


Jimmy arrived at Elmore with the intention of robbing the bank, but things turned out differently. He fell madly in love with Annabel, a young lady whose father had been the bank’s owner. Jimmy had a total transformation. He stopped robbing and assumed a new identity. He established his own company, founded a successful shoe store, and became a societal success. He and Annabel were planning to marry as their business grew. Jimmy was acknowledged as a family member by Annabel’s father and sister.

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