suggestion for 2021 Class 12 [Higher Secondary ] English [prose] hs examination

                    2021   ENGLISH  SUGGESTION 

The Eyes have it


…….Then……..I made a mistake “Who said this in the story? Was it really a mistake?  How did the speaker get relief from his mistake?

2.” yes, October  is the best time”
Who said this and to whom? What is October the best time for? Why is  October the best time?

3.” The man who entered  the compartment, broke into my reverie” What is reverie? Which reverie is referred to here? How was the reverie ended and who ended?

4……She had beautiful eyes……. But they were of no use to her” – Whose eyes were referred to here? Why were the eyes useless to her?  the irony of the situation.

5.11. “Few girls can resist flattery”—From where the line was taken? Why did the speaker flatter the girl and how? What was the result of it on the girl?

The strong roots

1.How does Kalam describe  his father’s daily routine?
2.”……Why don’t you say this to the people who come to you for help and advice”
Where does this line occur? What does this refer to here? How did the listener answer the question?

3.Describe  the atmosphere of communal harmony that APJ Abdul Kalam grew up.

4.Adversity always presents opportunities for introspections”- Who said this and to whom? How did Jainulabdeen’s attitude to adversity influence the person spoken to?


5.How did Kalam describe his childhood and parentage / or why did Kalam ay that hi childhood was bothmaterially and emotionally secured?




1.HOW did the enemy of the the Tsar become friend with the Tsar?


2.How does the hermit explains the importance of now?


3.” All the answer being different, the Tsar agreed  with none of them “What were questions to which the tar got different answers? whom did the tsar decide to consult? Where did the person live? What was he famous for whom he decided to consult?


4. How did the Tsar nurse  the wounded man?


5.“…….., been already answered “ who said to whom ? How has the Tsar been already answered?


6.Why did the Tsar visit the hermit? what did the Tsar do to visit the hermit ? why did he do so ?



Not for 2021

Thank you ma‘’am

1.Sketch the character of Roger.


2.”Eat……….. , son”. Who says this? What is offered by the speaker to the listener? What

features of the speaker’s character is revealed in this line?


3.”I am very……  sorry lady, I’m sorry”. Who is the speaker? was the speaker really sorry? When was the

speaker a changed person?


4.” He did not want to be mistrusted now “-Who I referred to as he? why did he not want to be mistrusted and by whom?


5.justify the title of the story .


6”lwhy did the sweat pop out from the boy’s face what happened as the result of the struggle?

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