2021 Suggestion For Higher Secondary English: It’s Not as Difficult as You Think




The high secondary suggestion is given. The suggestion is that there is no way to say that these questions can come but it is just a possibility that a question can come.

If you have already known, you will have to read three poems in Higher Secondary by omitting on killings a tree. From these three poems, the suggestion has been made. You have to read this suggestion from where it comes from and I can only say that the suggestion is just a possibility to get questions Common.

If you want to get good marks in the high secondary, I say to all students, no matter what the suggestion is, read your textbook carefully without following the suggestion, and only after going through the text, you get good marks in high secondary. The only key to get marks is to Read the textbook well

You will find different suggestions on youtube and on different sites and there is no reason to say everyone’s suggestions but the good mood is bad but yes all suggestions will be followed, but if you want to get marks then you must read the textbook well. You can’t get good marks without reading a book thoroughly.

I have given you some posts on the suggestions of prose before. You must look at them well. This time I have suggested poetry questions.  Look at these suggestions,  I am saying that you should follow my suggestion. But The only way to get the number is to read the test book well

The poetry of Earth–John Keats

1.Justify the music of earth is a continuous process.
Present the Cycle of the season in the context of the poem

Evaluate the title of the poem.
Justify the first line of the sonnet

2.Describe the role of the grasshopper (prepare the answer in such a way, you can attemp all questions related to the Sumner and the grasshopper)
…he takes the lead in summer  luxury
Who is he here? How does he take the lead?
….he has never done with his delights
Who is he here? What were his delights?
Why has he never done with his delights?

3.Describe the picture of winter with the reference of the cricket.

Asleep in the valley —- Arthur Rimbaud

1.How does Rimbaud express his attitude towards war in the poem.

2.How does the poet describe the landscape in the poem ‘Asleep in the valley’?

3How does the poet describe the smile of the soldier? Why did the poet call the smile guileless?

4.Explain  the line –in his, there are two red holes.
Who is referred to as his””?What caused the holes?  What does the phrase ‘two red holes ‘ signify?

5.Why may the soldier get cold? What did the poet ask nature to make the soldier warm?

William Shakespeare -(Sonnet no 18)Shall I compare thee to a Summers  Day

1.Justify  the title of the sonnet

2.Explain the last two lines of the sonnet.

3.Why is the beauty of his friend superior to a Summer’s day?

4.How does the poet make the beauty of his friend eternal? 


How does Shakespeare  immortalise his friend’s beauty ?


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