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Not too impressed with the belly fat you see looking back at you in the mirror?.Well do not let yourself get too down, the cause is far from lost. There are many great ways to Burn Belly Fat and here are a few of them:

1) Interval Training. This is a great way of burning belly fat, here is what you should be doing. Get on a treadmill and do a quick brisk walk as a warm-up then do a fast run for a couple of minutes as hard as you can. Try to keep repeating this cycle for a minimum of twenty minutes. Not only is this going to dramatically increase your aerobic fitness, but it will also give a big boost to your metabolism which will ensure your body to burn well through the calories that are consumed after the workout ends.

2) Lift weights. A fixed time a  week is great. This is because muscle tissue requires a greater amount of calories to make it function properly. This means the greater the amount of muscle your body has the greater the number of calories your body will burn even at rest. Make sure that you do compound weight training techniques such as bench presses, pull-ups, and deadlifts.

3) Go for brisk walks. They are appropriate and ideal for people who are not fans of the gym or intense exercise and also double up as very relaxing activities where you can gather your thoughts a little.

4) What you do does not matter just as long as you do it – swimming, rowing and running are great. Sure some training exercises are harder and more intense than others and will burn off more calories, however the key is to make sure that you are exercising r

5) Sport games. Get involved with a local sports team. Why not rediscover the passion for a former hobby although anything will suffice. Maybe get involved with 5 a side soccer, squash, badminton anything you like really. You will find it much more difficult to avoid exercise once you have committed to a team.

By following these tips you can burn belly fat continuously but it is up to you, good luck.

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