Short question and answer of Meeting at Night/ very important for class 11 students
meetings at night



Short Answer type questions
Meeting at    Night
Robert Browning   


1]How long is the sea scented beach? 

Ans; The sea scented beach which was crossed by the lover, is one mile long.

2)Where does the beloved of the lover live?

Ans: The beloved of the lover lives in a farmhouse.

3)What type of poem is meeting at night? 

Ans: Meeting at Night is a romantic love lyric.

4)When does the lover start his journey? 

Ans: The lover startsThe lover starts his journey at night.

5)How does the lover describe the land? 

Ans: The lover describes the land as long and black.

6)How does the lover describe the moon in the poem Meetings at Night? 

Ans: The liver describes the moon as yellow,  large, and low.

7)  what does the phrase ‘fiery ringlets’ suggest? 

Ans: The phrase ‘fiery ringlets’ suggests the burning passion of love.

8)what is the meaning of ‘prow’?

Ans: The meaning of the word ‘prow’ is the front part of the boat.

9)What does the phrase ‘quench its speed’ signify in the poem Meetings  at Night? 

Ans: The phrase quench its speed signifies that the lover slows down the speed of his boat.

10)Where does the boat slow down? 

Ans: The boat enters the cove and slows down in the slushy sand.

11)what does the phrase ‘slushy sand’ stand for? 

Ans: The phrase ‘the slushy sand’ stands for a soft and muddy surface.

12)How does the lover describe the sea beach in poem Meeting at night ? 

Ans: The beach is one mile long and emits the smell of the sea.

13)How many fields does the lover cross to meet his beloved? 

Ans: The lover crosses three fields to reach the farmhouse to meet his beloved.

14)Where does the lover tap? 

Ans: The lover taps at the windowpane.

  1. 15)           ‘And a voice less loud’
  2. Why the voice is less loud?
  3. Ans: The lovers do not want to be discovered by anyone, so they are meeting secretly. Hence their voice is less loud.


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