Important Short questionsand answers On Shall I Compare Thee To aSummer’s Day



William Shakespeare ——Shall I Compare Thee To a Summer’s Day ( Sonnet no 18)

Short questions and answers  

1)What is meant by ” summer’s lease”? 

Ans:The phrase ‘smmers’ lease suggests a very short period of time  granted for the summer season. 

J 2)What do the rough winds do in summer

Ans :In summer, the rough winds shake the darling buds of May.

3)What does the phrase ” eye of heaven” suggest in summer ? 

Ans:The phrase ‘eye of heaven ‘ suggests the sun.

4)What does the phrase ‘nature’s changing course ” suggest in the sonnet no 18 ? 

Ans: The phrase ‘nature’s charging course ‘suggests       every object is destroyed in course of time.

5)How is the ‘….gold complexion” of the sun dimmed in summer season ?

Ans: The ” gold complexion”of the sun is dimmed by the clouds in the summer season. 

6)what is meant by  “thy eternal summer “? 

Ans: The phrase “thy eternal summer ” suggests the the eternal youth and beauty of his friend. 

7)What is meant by ‘eternal lines ‘? 

Ans The phrase “eternal lines ” suggests the the lines written in the sonnet will make the youth and the beauty of his friend eternal. 

8)  Why does the poet start his poem with a question? 

Ans: Shakespeare starts his sonnet with a rhetorical question to convince the readers the beauty of his friend surpasses the beauty of a summers day. 

9) What does Shakespeare compare his friend  to? 

Ans : Shakespeare compares his friend to a summers day. 

10) Why shall the beauty of his never fade? 

Ans : The beauty if his friend will   never fade because the poet will immortalise his friend’s beauty in the eternal lines of his sonbet. 

11) What are the draw backs of a summers day? 

Ans : In a summers day the beautiful buds are often shaken by the rough winds and the gold complexion of the sun are dimned by the clouds. 

12)      Why does Shakespeare call his friend’s beauty more temperate?  

And : Shakespeare calls his friend’s beauty more temoerate because the beauty of his  friend is more consistent than a sumners day. 

13)what shall death not brag  of? 

Ans :Death shall not brag of taking away his 

In his shade. 

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