How to write informal letter step by step/ types of informal letters /format informal letters

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The difference between Informal and formal letter   

The difference between a formal and an informal letter is stated as —-

The official note or letter is the unofficial book
It can be well written or of high quality.
It is an official statement made by an individual or organization. This is not official
The format of the letter to be followed is not a specific format
For official reasons written for personal reasons.

Types of formal letters

What are the types of official letters?


Business letter
Official letter
Letter of appointment
A book of experience
Give the book (letter)
Public book
Circular book
Leave a book
Resignation letter
Invitation Magazine
Complaint letter

Sample Format

Contact details (Enter your contact details if you have not already written them on the included letterhead).
Your name
Your address
Your city, state pin  code
Your mobile number
Your email address


Contact details (person or organization you are writing to)
Title; Company

City (*): State (*): pin code

Greetings (examples of greetings)

Dear Sir / Sir. Nickname:
You must a formal greeting, not the first name unless the person is well known to you. If you do not know the gender of the person, you can write their full name. For Example,–  you can write  “Priya Das ” in the place of “Dear Mr. Das” or “Dear Mr. Das”. In case you not know the recipient’s name, it’s still common and acceptable to use the old —” To What It May Concern”.

letter Body

The first paragraph of your letter should provide an introduction to why you are writing so that your reason for contacting the person is established from the outset.
Then, in the following sections, provide specific details about your application or the details you have given.
The last part of your letter should repeat the reason you are writing and thank the reader for reviewing your application. If appropriate, they should politely ask for a written answer or arrange a meeting to consider the opportunity.

The ending

yours sincerely, (end examples)


Handwritten signature (for the hard copy, use black or blue ink to sign the letter.)

Typed signature

official letter

Official  format: Data collection

Points to be remembered  

– Always start with an introduction about yourself, but un brief

– Try to enter the relevant company name

– Relevant details about the investigation area

– Include a time limit for information (including instant timRoadample

Dinhata Road

Coochbehar –

October 17,2020


ABC Class

Coochbehar  Az25


Sub: GMAT Coaching Classes Exam.

It is based on your advertisement in the Times of India for GMAT coaching classes. I canceled my engineering and computer science as a major. I am interested in joining your training class center.

Please tell me about the application process and exam date (if any) for the qualifying process. I would like to inquire about the duration of the relevant training program, the length of time and the number of classes per week, and the class modes available. It would be great if you could share information about fees and tuition.

I want to contact you as early as possible. The initial feedback is much appreciated.

Thank you.



letter for ordering 

An order letter is basically an order letter in which the sender orders a specific item. Purchase order letters are usually written by the purchasing department of any company.

Official Book Format: Booking Order.

points to be remembered:

– Order details should be clearly stated including full details such as the quantity of goods, model number (if available), etc.

– State the relevant details relating to shipping such as shipping mode, shipping location and the desired date of the goods to be shipped should be clearly stated.

– Payment-related inquiries should also be clearly stated including payment method, payment date or terms, and conditions regarding payment.


Dinhata Road
Coochbehar – 26

October 13, 2020


Furniture Epitome

Coochbehar  01

Dear Sir,

Sub: Furniture order.

According to our telephone conversation, on behalf of our company I would like to place an order for the availability of the following furniture.

Model Number Name Item Name

2356 Sofa 25

4568 coffee table

1256 Table 34

8907 Chairs 68

According to our last discussion, we are submitting draft requirements for Rs. 50,000 as payment prior to this order. Some will be paid at the time of delivery. Please send an order above to the above address.

Please follow the terms of the agreement. We expect to receive an order within four business days.

Thank you.

Yours sincerely



letters to complain

A Letter Of Complaint is usually written to inform the recipient of the problems you are facing and to expect him or her to resolve those issues as soon as possible.

Official letter Format: Registration of Complaints

points to remember:

– Use polite but firm words in relation to grievance issues.

– State the complaint in detail, the learner must be familiar with the matter in order to deal with it.

– Specify the action you want the recipient to take, it may indicate that you are not just pointing out the problem, you are giving us a solution.

– Provide order details including arrival date, order number, or previous appeal details (if any)

– Specify the expected response time, if you keep the deadline, it means the value of the story.

– Attach a copy or sample of the invoice or other receipt


Dinhata  Road

Coochbehar  – 26

October 17, 2020


Furniture Epitome

Medinipur− 25

Dear Sir,

Complaint: Complaint against order No. ET098654.

This refers to the location of Order No. ET098654 Oct 4, 20xx. The order contains office notes and business cards By agreement, we were hoping to receive the latest order on Oct 8, 20xx. First, the order did not reach on time. Also, the quality of the paper is unquestionable and the design of the business cards does not match the selected one.

We have suffered a lot of disruption because of this.

Kindly confirm that the order will be replaced on October 20, 20xx, failing which payment will be suspended.

Thank you
Yours sincerely

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