How to write editorial letter/Important for class 12 west bengal higher Secondary students


How to write an editorial letter

Writing skill

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Structure of a Editorial letter

1.Sender’s address

2.Date (Example 23rdjune,2020)

3.Receivers address



Para1-introduce yourself and tell the purpose of your writing.

Para2- write the topic in detail.

Para3- conclude your letter

6.complimentary closing



23rd October 20 20
The Editor
The Telegraph


Subject (supply subject from the question)

Through the columns of your dignified newspaper, I would like to draw your attention to the inconveniences caused by ( write here subject).

 It is a matter of grave concern that the problem caused by the ( write here subject) has now become a complicated one and it is gradually increasing day by day.   (Now write 6-9 lines on the topic) we have informed the authority,  but they neglected our request after several such a circumstance,   We all need the help of print media and electronic media to spread messages of awareness among the masses. Only social awareness can uproot this problem permanently. If we stay mute, our future will face a danger

So,I am requesting you to print this in your renowned daily so that the people become aware and the authorities take proper steps to solve this problem.

Thanking you.
Yours sincerely

(Write  your name)

Letter for surrendering policy of l.i.c.i

Amal Roy

cooch Behar, West Bengal


24th December 2020


The Branch Manager


Coochbehar branch

Sub: Application to surrender a policy


I, Amal Roy, one of the policyholders of your branch, having the policy no 6754329809, would like to state that I   had started this  Health Insurance Policy at your branch on 25th August 2012. and I have cleared all the premiums against this policy to date. But it is a matter of regret that  I am forced to give up this policy because I will not be able to manage this policy due to my financial crisis.


Therefore, I urge you to consider this application as a formal request for LIC policy. Please feel free to contact me if there are any other practices that need to be completed in this process.


Please acknowledge receipt of this letter. It is a humble request that you please consider this matter and the process be completed as soon as possible

Yours truly

Amal Roy.

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