Thank you Maam /questions and answers class 12

Thank you ma’am class 12

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Thank you ma'am
Thank you, ma’am

1) . Significance of title Thank you Maam

The title of “Thank you Maam”  is very significant and suggestive. The main character of the story Roger tried to snatch the pocketbook from Mrs. Jones on her way home. But he failed and was caught red-handed.  Mrs. Jones, then, dragged him to her home, gripping his shirt front. Roger was afraid of being handed over to the Police. But Mrs. Jones did not do so. Rather she gave him instruction to wash his face to look presentable. Even she arranged to suffer for Roger and at the end of eating, she gave him ten dollars to buy his most desired suede shoes. Roger was an orphan and very impoverished, so he did not get love in his life. But Mrs. Jones gave him love and motherly affection. Moreover, she made Roger understand that hard work is needed to achieve something in life. Mrs jones generosity and motherly treatment brought a change in Roger’s mind and he became a new man who realized the value of Relationships.    So, when he departed he could not say more than “.thank you” to express gratitude to Mrs Jones. Though the term ” thank you” is very short, it contains feelings of a changed boy,  hence the title is apt and appropriate.

2).’ I wanted a pair of blue suede shoes ‘]

Who said this? what did the listner answer? How was Roger’s reaction? 

Roger, the orphan said this.
Hearing this, Mrs jones said Roger could ask him instead of grabbing her bag.
 . The little youngster Roger told  Mrs. Luella Bates Washington Jones that he needed to purchase a couple of blue calfskin shoes. He attempted to grab the wallet of Mrs. Jones to get cash to satisfy
his longing. The speaker, Roger, found a weird solution from Mrs. Jones. She said that as opposed to grabbing, he could have requested the cash. The kid was flabbergasted _ hearing the appropriate response. He was flabbergasted to such an extent that he neglected to dry his face for a second. He.  Subsequently, there was a huge interruption.

3) paint the character of Mrs jones.[ Thank you Maam

ANS: Mrs. Luella Bates Washington Jones, the large lady is the central character of the story, Thank you Ma am. She is without a moment’s delay sympathetic, liberal, and insightful.  Mrs. Bates seems, by all accounts, to be a harsh, capable lady. She rushes to respond to the kid’s activity and without any help hauls the kid home. She understands that all the kid needs are nurturing affection to put him destined for success. So she promptly gives him food and cash to purchase his pined for blue softened cowhide shoes. She is very sincere or candid and admits to her past mix-ups. In any case, she gained from her errors and asks Roger to do the equivalent. She realizes that an orphan can take up the wrong way without any guidance.   This she pardoned Roger without any problem
Actually, Mrs jones gave Roger motherly affection, and for which he could change him self and become a new man.
‘HE’ conveys here Roger and the lady is Mrs. Jones.

 One night Mrs. Jones was getting back at eleven o’clock. A kid named Roger ran up behind her and attempted to grab her tote. Realizing that the kid roger has made offense Mrs. Jones carried him to her home. She at that point requested that the kid clean his face in the sink. Mrs.Jones gave him cocoa, milk, lima beans, and ham. She likewise cut him a portion of her ten-penny cake.

At long last Mrs.Jones gave him ten dollars to purchase blue sued shoes. She at that point asked Roger not to commit such an error of locking anybody’s handbag and staying in line. Along these lines she caused the kid to comprehend to accomplish something through difficult work, not by naughty. In spite of the fact that Roger wasn’t right, she didn’t despise him. Roger was astonished at the generosity of Mrs. Jones and moved by her nurturing fondness so he would not like to be doubted.

5.“I am sorry lady, I’m sorry.” – Who is the speaker?
Was the speaker really sorry? When was the speaker a
changed person?

The speaker of the short story “Thank You Ma’am” is a young child named Roger.

The boy didn’t feel genuinely sorry.

He tried to steal the woman’s purse but was caught by her. She wasn’t even prepared to let him go. He apologized by saying as such. However, he made that statement out of fear that the woman may arrest him. Despite the fact that he had tried to steal her pocketbook, she felt sorry for him. She led him inside her house. She handed him a towel and ordered him to wash his grimy face. She also gave him cocoa and cake. She handed him $10 so he could purchase the shoes he desired. She most crucially had faith in him. She most significantly had faith in him. She also gave him advice on future behavior and told him not to steal other people’s purses. She treated the youngster with maternal tenderness, and her unwavering trust and love transformed him.

6.” That will be fine ” – who is the speaker? Who is the speaker talking to? What would be fine? What did the person speak to thereafter? 

The author of the verse from Langston Hughe’s story “Thank You Ma’am” is Roger.

Mrs. Jones and Roger are conversing. Mrs. Jones gave Roger cocoa, which Roger accepted because it was prepared from canned milk.

They then started to consume their dinner. Mrs. Jones was discussing her location of employment and her job. She avoided saying anything that would have embarrassed Roger.



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